Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 – A Year of Freedom and Change

In 2012, we enter into Universal Year five in numerology. As the number five represents freedom, change and independence, we can expect 2012 to be a year of eventful happenings, both globally and locally.

The vibration of five urges us to expand our boundaries. There will be a sense of excitement in the air with the prospect of new challenges and opportunities with the urge to shake free from restrictions. It will also be a time of options and choices.

The energy of a five is dynamic and restless, so expect changes in areas relating to travel and movement. This will be a year of expansion so if any new projects are going to get off the ground, this is the year for it to happen. It is also a great year to take reasonable risks for any new projects.

It will not be a great year for finances as energies can be scattered. A certain amount of caution needs to be taken not to jump into things impulsively, especially where finances are concerned. Nevertheless, it is a great year to create and receive new business ideas.

A five year can be an eccentric year, with plenty of new and unusual ideas abounding. Keep in mind that any changes will be beneficial in the long term.

The key phrase for 2012 is ‘expect and embrace the unexpected'.