Saturday, December 18, 2010

Numerology for 2011

In 2011 we move into Universal Year Four (2+0+1+1=4).

A four year is associated with hard work and building foundations. It is a practical year as the four demands that we stabilise all areas of our life by being organised and efficient. This is an excellent year to make plans for the future. If you’re planning on renovating or building, this is a great time to tackle such projects. As the focus is on hard work and routine, you can expect increased responsibility on the career front.

Not a great year for relationships (because the focus will be elsewhere) but the good news is that any new relationships formed in 2011 have a good chance of lasting the distance.

Use this year to reevaluate your goals. Under this vibration, you can expect many changes in your life that will bring an end to what no longer serves you. Any old thought patterns need to be altered and old ideas swept away to make room for new and better ones.

The downside of a four year is that with all the hard work things can get a little boring – so make sure you take time out to have some fun.

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