Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crystal Therapy

The ancient Egyptians used them, as did the Mayans, Aztecs, American Indians and Celts. There is a lot of mystery surrounding crystals with many people unsure how to use them. Admittedly, before I started practicing Reiki, I was a little dubious about the effectiveness of these stones. These days, they are an essential part of my practice and I use them with every healing. Many clients have told me that they feel an upsurge of energy the moment I place crystals on their body. I have seen the results for myself and I wouldn’t use them if they were ineffective. So how do crystals actually work?

A crystal is a mineral that has crystallized. They formed deep under the earth using compression which affects their properties and the way they function. In effect, they are our earth’s DNA containing records of the development of the earth over millions of years. Each crystal has it’s own specific “note” or healing property. Their structure can absorb, focus and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic waveband.

Think of crystals as conductors or conduits of energy, much the same as batteries. Just as batteries need charging in order to work, so do crystals. They work on a very subtle level, using resonance and vibration. When charged with energy they are very effective when used for healing.

Crystals are used today in medical practices. They are piezoelectric, which means they conduct electricity. They are used in ultrasound machines to produce sound waves. Sound is now being applied at the leading edge of surgery. A tightly focused beam of ultrasound can cauterize wounds deep within the body and blast tumours apart without the need for invasive procedures. I like the think of crystals as mother nature’s gift to us, she has provided us with the the tools we need to heal our bodies.

Clients frequently ask me how to charge and clean their crystals. I’ve heard a lot of weird and wonderful stories on how to do this, but it’s not as difficult or mysterious as you may think.

Choosing your Crystal

Crystals can be purchased at most new age shops or markets. You may need to do some research if you want a crystal for a specific purpose. The best way to choose a crystal is to let your intuition guide you. When making a selection, pick them up in your hand and allow yourself to be drawn to the right one. Find one that resonates with you.

Cleansing your Crystal

Most crystals can be held under running water or immersed in sea or salt water. As you rinse, hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and the crystal will be reenergized. Place it in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours to allow it to “recharge”. I have seen many clients who come to me with “dead” crystals that need recharging. Remember, you are dealing with subtle energy so you need to do your cleansing and recharging on a regular basis.

Programming your Crystal

To focus the energy of your crystal, you will need to program it. Place it in your hand and allow yourself to open to higher guidance. You can do this while meditating. Consider the purpose you want to use it for and be specific. It may be to attract love or for healing. If you have an illness you want to heal, state the condition. Put the crystal in a place where you see it frequently or keep it with you. Crystals are highly responsive and will absorb whatever you program them to do.

As you become more aligned with the crystals you will begin to see and feel their energy. There are thousands of crystals available and each has it’s own specific purpose. In time you will have your own collection that you can draw on whenever you need them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tarot Card of the Month - The World

I have chosen to begin 2011 by looking at the World card. It is the last card of the Major Arcana and represents completion. Why begin the year with a card representing completion? Simply, with every ending there is always a new beginning!

The value of the World card is 21 and it is ruled by Saturn. The figures in each corner of the card represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac – Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. They are also symbolic of the four elements, four compass points and four corners of the universe. The card shows a woman dancing within a laurel wreath with red ribbons wrapped at the crown and base. They are in the shape of the infinity symbol, representing continuation. The two batons in her hands indicate balance. They have also been noted as sacred scrolls of knowledge.

When the World card appears in a spread, it indicates that something has come to a successful conclusion. There is a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment with goals being realised. The end is in sight and with it will be celebration and success. It also indicates endings and change. Sometimes travel or a short trip is indicated.

Keywords of the World – conclusion, success, accomplishment and fulfillment.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going Green

Essential oils are a great way to disinfect and freshen up your home naturally. Fill a spray bottle with warm water (not boiling), add a cap full of Eucalyptus oil and give it a shake.

Eucalyptus is an antiseptic and bactericide, which means it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Research has proven its anti-viral properties as well.

Use it to wipe down any surfaces or as an air freshener. It not only makes your environment smell lovely but it makes it safe as well.