Sunday, April 2, 2017

Aromatherapy Revitaliser

Essential Oil Air Freshner

Making your own air freshner is easy.  It’s also 100% natural, non toxic and great for the environment.  I use this room spray every day, particularly at night before going to bed as a room/linen spray.  It’s very healing and also makes a great gift idea.

You will need:
-  A small water spray bottle (125ml or similar)
-  10-12 drops of essential oils of your choice
-  Vodka (40% alcohol)
-  Distilled water or pure bottled water

The basic recipe is for every half cup of water, you will need 3-4 tablespoons of Vodka (40% alcohol) and 10-12 drops of essential oil.

It’s important to use essential oils and not fragrant oils.  Fragrant oils are manufactured scents and are often toxic.  Good quality essential oils are usually available at your local chemist for a reasonable price.

Put all the ingredients into the spray bottle, give it a shake and you’re ready to go.  Spray in the air as a room deodoriser or use as a linen and bedroom spray.  It's also good for stress relief and eliminating pet odors.  

Because of the alcohol content, the spray evaporates quickly and does not leave a damp residue. If spraying furnishings or fabrics, it's best to spray from a metre distance as this will distribute the scent and any dampness will evaporate within seconds.


You can also make a disinfectant cleaner by combining 4 tablespoons white vinegar, 3 cups water and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle.  You can use this cleaner anywhere around the home such as on benches, toilets and door knobs.  It’s safe to use on most surfaces and is completely non toxic.  See list of antibacterial essential oils below.

Choosing Essential Oils

Essential oils have different properties and you can adjust according to your preference.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lime, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Peppermint, Clove, Roman Chamomile, Lemongrass, Lime, Tea Tree

I usually create a blend of oils, particularly for the air freshner.  If you prefer, you can adjust the amount of oils you use depending on your preference.  There are no rules!  Be creative and discover what works for you.  

I will also be releasing a range of Essential Oil Air Freshners through my Store.  These aromatherapy blends are made specifically to help with sleep, romance, immune support and general health and well being.  Follow the link for more information Psychic Spirit - Aromatherapy Range 

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