Thursday, December 7, 2017

2018 - A Year of Harmony and Co-operation

In 2017 we entered a new nine year cycle.  As a one year, 2017 represented new beginnings, a time when old concepts were challenged and new ideas were being implemented.  Initiatives were put into place and even though they seemed controversial, they challenged our collective thinking and allowed us to move forward. 

As we enter into 2018, we move into a new phase of co-operation, balance and harmony as represented by the number two.  Of course, this is not without struggle as despite the numerology vibration of the harmonic two, we are still subject to the influences of the human condition.  That said, overall we can expect a year of general co-operation and balance.

This is an important year as it is a Master number 11/2 (2+0+1+8=11).  Master numbers carry a significant spiritual energy that is full of potential and possibility.  If we are collectively able to rise above the lower vibration of the two, then there is real potential for some greatness to take place in 2018.   The number two is all about intuition, so diplomacy and understanding will feature strongly.  

A key function of the number two is co-operation and mediation, working in harmony with others.  There is an opportunity this year for more understanding with problems being resolved using tact and reason rather than sheer force.  The number two has a lot of potential for people to come together under the same umbrella to solve problems rather than achieve this singularly.  If there is any time where peace and resolution can be achieved, then 2018 is the year this would most likely happen.

Overall, the number two symbolises the union of peace.  It seeks to end separateness and unite all for the greater good.  This 11/2 energy will be available to us if we choose and it is up to us collectively to decide whether or not to use it constructively. Either way, 2018 carries a positive vibration.

Keep in mind that the universal year applies to humanity as a whole.  In order to determine your full chart you need to consider your personal year number in conjunction with these influences. 

Keywords for 2018: co-operation, harmony, balance, mediation

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