Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How to Use a Ouiji Board

Ouiji boards (or séances) are ways in which we can make contact with the spirits of those who have passed over.  As a psychic medium, I've been interested in the spirit world for as long as I can remember, conducting my first séance at the age of eight.  I rarely use the ouiji board these days (as I connect with spirit directly) but séances are still an interesting way to communicate with those in spirit.

There's a few considerations that need to be taken into account before deciding to embark on this experience which I have outlined below. This article will only provide some information and tips on how to use a ouiji board.  If you decide you would like to give it a go then I suggest Google as the best resource for an in depth how to. 

Treat it with respect 

First of all, spirit is very real.  Even if you don’t believe in it, it’s still real.  Any time you work with spirit you must have respect.  Do not indulge in alcohol during a séance.  Do not swear, be rude or disrespectful.   Cracking jokes and behaving badly could land you in trouble. 


You can have a séance at any time of the day or night but try to create a dark room with some candles for ambience.  You don’t want too many distractions so turn off the TV, radio and telephone.  Charge the room with as much positive energy as possible.  Prayer is often a good way to do this.

Work with a professional 

Anyone can nominate themselves as a medium but personally, I would try to find someone that has had some experience simply because they know what they’re doing and can guide the session successfully.  That said, anyone can purchase a ouiji board and if you want to do it yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t.

You need at least two people to use a ouiji board with two fingers on the glass or planchette at all times.  Nominate someone as the medium so that person can ask the questions.  Keep it simple and ask questions that aim for yes or no answers.  I have never in my years of doing séances seen someone get possessed.  However, minor poltergeist activity can happen at any time.  Don’t ask spirit for physical signs or for them to show themselves in any way other than moving the glass. 


Having a séance means you are opening the door to the spirit world in a somewhat uncontrolled way.  As in the physical world, there are different types of spirits.  If you contact an entity that is negative then politely ask them to leave.  Accept that the information you receive is not always truthful or accurate, even if you feel you are speaking to a loved one.  Spirits contacted during a séance tend to tell lies.  Sieve through the information you receive and only take on board what resonates with you.

Closing the session 

It’s important to always close the board.  When you are done with the session, thank spirit for their help and manually slide the glass or planchette to ‘Goodbye’.  I always rinsh the glass/planchette under running water at the end of the session.

Séances tend to get bad publicity, but done in the right way they can be an interesting experience, particularly if you want to connect with loved ones who have passed over.  If you do decide to give it a try, approach it with a light heart.  It's important to be sensible and respectful but at the same time, not take anything too seriously.

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